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My Tarot Policies & Ethics

In anything you do, it is important to have a clearly defined set of policies and ethics.  A big THANK YOU to all those intuitives who came before me and who are wiser than I.  My code is based on their magnificent work and experiences. Our actions affect not only ourselves, but also those people around us. If we tell a lie, we can lose someone’s trust and undermine our own integrity.

  1. Tarot is a guide, not an instruction.  Tarot and oracle decks are doorways through which intuition and inspiration can freely flow-- but ultimately decisions must be made by the querent alone.

  2. My role is to empower and motivate you.  Readings are straight forward and down to earth in order to help the soul on their journey through life.

  3. All information is kept in the strictist of confidence.  100% confidential.  All information given by clients is never discussed or disclosed to any other third party.  The only time I will break confidentiality is if you inform me you are going to hurt yourself or hurt someon else.

  4. No discriminition reguardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity  I provide a judgement-free zone to offer peace of mind with equality and acceptance at heart.

  5. I do NOT answer specific questions about matters of the law, financial issues, or health queries (including pregnancy).  Please consult approiately trained professionals for those types of concerns.  I am not a lawyer, doctor, or accountatnt and am also not responsible for any legal and/or financial repercussions of the decisions you make after your reading.

  6. I reserve the right to listen to my intuition at all times and also refuse reading requests for any reason.  If I don't feel that a reading would be approiate or I have a sense that I'm not the reader for you, I will decline to go forward and will offer a full refund to the client.

  7. I cannot contact the dead.  I am not a medium.  Tarot can be a theraputic tool to help you work through the grieving process. If your grief is severe or overwhelming, you should seek a trained professional.

  8. I do not predict the future.  I am not a psychic, nor do I believe that the future is written in stone.  I believe in helping the client be the conscious creator in thier own life.  Yes/No questions are discouraged-- pathways can be explored to help the client connect with thier own personal power so that they can choose the approiate pathway to take.

  9. Tarot is a mirror that reflects engergies back at you-- you may be aware or even unaware of them.  Healingk coping strategies, and self exploration improve every day life.  Proactive pursuit of goals is encouraged.  Focus areas, action plans, and ideas for journaling work may be discussed to extend a client's progress into the long term.

  10. Readings are intended to be both nurturing and empowering.  Do NOT be a passive observer in your own life-- instead accept that you are in charge of it and take ultimate responsibility for it.  Readings are intended to have theraputic value and offer a different perspective where necessary for the client.

  11. The right questions will get the right answers.  Leave your questions open-ended.  Questions starting with: "What", "How", or "Why" will get you better answers and information.  Try to avoid questions that start with: "Should" or "Will" and also avoid "Yes/No" questions.

  12. No readings for third parties.  I will not read for someone else who is not aware of it.  I will only read for the person requesting a reading.  Any requests to read for a third party will be redirected.

  13. All readings are person-centered.  When addressing your relationships with others, no major focus is placed on the other person involved, but instead on the client's emotional responses, actions, and feelings.  The focus is on how the client can deal with the connection from their point of view.  Readings are empathic and supportive as well as being insightful and practical.

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